BrattySis Adult Video Series Review

In the case of the stepfamily dynamics on BrattySis, when a stepfather can’t get along with his new stepdaughter or a stepbrother is fighting with his annoying stepsister, the conflict is quickly diffused with sex – and they look to be having too much fun to care about any feelings of guilt. There are also some sexual shenanigans involving stepsisters and, in one case, an adopted sister.

Trailer for the new Bratty Sisters series:

In this video Alina Lopez is having a rough time with school, but that’s okay because this hot chick has a plan to get on to easy street. She’s hanging out on the couch texting with her friends when her mom, Kit Mercer, and her step brother, Rion King, arrive home. Kit tries to figure out why Alina isn’t studying. When her stepdaughter is a total bitch, Kit suggests that Rion help Alina out. This plays right into Alina’s plan.As soon as Kit leaves, Alina starts making moves on Rion. He tries to disengage, but his stepsister is hot and he is inevitably turned on. As soon as Alina notices, she moves on from playing with her own twat and titties to whipping out his fuck stick and sucking him off. Rion can’t believe that his sexy stepsis is really willing to get it on with him, so when Alina turns around and waves her ass in an invitation to do a doggy style pussy pounding he’s quick to take her up on it.They move on to Alina riding Rion’s stiffie while he palms her ass with his big hands. She leans forward so he can play with her titties, then falls onto her back so he can really dominate her tight little body. When Rion has pulled out to cum on Alina’s boobs, he tries to suggest that they get back to studying. Alina lets him know that he’ll be doing her homework lest she tell her mom that he’s been coming on to her.

The collection is updating once a week and it looks like that schedule has been consistent since our last review, so they’ve grown quite a bit. You’ll now find ~150 videos with very high production values and well-designed sets. The highest resolution is Full HD, whether you’re streaming or downloading the MP4 files. There are other resolutions if you need them.

You’ll also find ~150 photo sets. You can download every set in three sizes of Zip files, each offering high-res images. You also have the option of an automatic slideshow and you can resize the large images to fit your screen.

There’s a model index that actually gives you some info about each beauty. And the interface has all kinds of user features, like tags and categories and the option of adding your own tags. You can rate and sort the content, post comments and track all your favorites. There’s even an advanced search engine! Plus, it’s mobile responsive if you’re on the go.

There aren’t any bonus sites, but I do like their “feed” link at the bottom of the page that lets you see the latest comments from fellow members, as it provides a sense of community. Bratty Sis has some great taboo porn action that’s undeniably hot!