triángulo de amor bizarro

They debuted in 2007 with a groundbreaking new album. In a few short months they went from obscurity to performing in almost every festival organized in Spain and even Portugal. Their album was released in Mexico where both the press and the public fell in love with the boldness and originality of their work: a trio out of rural Spain whose musical expertise brought simple songs with thunderous sound and striking phrases to the world. Before the start of this year was published the single "Man of the Century V", an album that ended up becoming a compilation of rarities that included songs from their first demos, new unreleased recordings and some that had not yet published.

They were confirmed in all annual lists as the most important national debut, they played relentlessly throughout 2008.

The following year they underwent a change of composition when a keyboardist and guitar player joined the band to create a strong new sound that consolidated their following in Mexico with surprising success. They immediately begin preparing a new album to be recorded in early 2010.

"Año Santo" was published in May 2010, and with the help of their earlier debut, which entered all necessary national lists of the decade, the media unanimously dubbed this album their best work. The first video clip was shot with Luis Cervero. The album was released in Mexico through Arts & Crafts.

After two visits to the Central American country and participation in the Corona Capital Festival with The Pixies and Interpol, they started their long Spanish tour. Publication of the digital single "Amigos de género humano" followed shortly along with the accompanying versions by Julieta Venegas and Batiatto. And to top it all off they then released a second video clip.

Rolling Stone magazine included them among the 10 groups essential to the Spanish rock scene. Come the Independent Music Awards of 2011, they received 9 nominations, including Album of the Year, Song, Album Rock, Live, video, etc..