Sethler’s debut came with 'Batalla' (EMI, 2012), which dealt with the partner relationship like an armed confrontation. The album, conceived as part of a trilogy, featured the prodigious voice of Hugo Martín Cuervo and intimate, dreamy and highly emotional electro-acoustic packaging.

After this first episode of a more naked sound, Sethler rearms and releases 'Negociación' full of vitality. Now Sethler is a band promising us an electrifying live performance. An epic album full of choruses, rhythm and optimism.

María Guinea from the series El Príncipe in the latest video, also the ambience maker of Breaking Bad. Hugo Martín Cuervo is the youngest short film director nominated for a Goya award, as well as being the frontman of this project. He is also in charge of its audio-visuals.

'Drama Queen' and its video are a good example of what is yet to come. Tropical sounds and danceable rhythms without losing the brand’s melancholic touch.

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